How to Write the Perfect Anniversary Letter

I think it’s extremely important to let your loved ones know just how much you care about them on a daily basis. Some occasions are even more special, however, and give us the urge and extra push to make our loved ones feel special. Days like birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and especially anniversaries. Our anniversaries with our significant others make us want to celebrate the time we’ve spent together and the milestones we have reached and achieved with them. Sure it’s tempting to get an extravagant gift, go out for a fancy dinner, or go away on a romantic trip, and while all of these make excellent and special gifts, it’s the words that come from our own minds and hearts that truly mean the most.

love_letterSometimes it may be difficult to figure out where to start when writing a love letter for someone, but that’s the key: it’s different for everyone. This is truly the most personal gift you could bear to someone. You write it however you want to. Just take all of your feelings towards someone and put it into words. Tell them every single thing you’ve wanted to tell them. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your letter to your loved one. If you love and care or them enough to make the effort of writing them a letter, then you must trust them with your heart.

When it comes to a love letter for an anniversary, maybe start with how you met or what brought both of your lives together. Discuss everything you’ve gone through and reflect on your favorite memories. This is likely something that your significant other will want to constantly think about and reread after you give it to them. Just make them smile. Reveal your favorite things about them and why you love them. Don’t let the fear of cheesiness hold you back. In a strong relationship, is anything really too cheesy? When we’re truly in love with someone, it’s very overwhelming and what we think we see as cheesy may actually be exactly what we are feeling. And that’s okay.

A strong ending to an emotional love letter is to talk about your future plans for each other. Picture your lives 5 years into the future and imagine what you want your lives to be like. Think about places you’ve always dreamed of traveling to together and make plans to actually go on those trips. Maybe even surprise your significant other with the trip at the end of your letter!

Overall, writing a love letter doesn’t have to be as scary and as intimidating as it may seem. Just profess your feelings toward your loved one, be yourself, and make them feel special. Nothing can go wrong when it’s a personalized gift from your heart. We hope some of our tips have helped you discover where to start when writing a love letter for someone important in your life. Good luck in this beautiful gift for your anniversary, or in any special occasion.