The Love of Love Poems

You might want to know how to write a good love poem to your loved one. It should be noted that people are generally going to be positive towards almost any love poem that they receive. While some people are going to be harsh critics of various writings regardless of their nature, most people are going to love poems that are about them and that are intended for them.

People usually don’t have to worry about making this the best poem of all. However, there are still love poem tips that can help people write when the time is right. Some of these tips are going to help people with writing poems in general.

Love Poem Tips

poemFor one thing, it is a good idea to use a few ideas in a poem and develop them. Some of the worst modern poems basically have lots of different ideas, themes, and emotions in only a few phrases. This is going to create a situation where the poem feels really unfocused. Some poems, such as the haiku poem, literally have a single emotion running through them. A love poem that has a few ideas and feelings that are well-developed will generally be the best one of all.

People are also better off giving their love poems some structure. There is a lot of debate in the poetry community, particularly among the professionals, about whether or not poems should have rhyme and meter. Some people favor the modernistic approach, and so they don’t want there to be lots of rhyme and meter in poetry.

Other people argue that the alternative is to create a poem that is very unstructured. It is possible to create a poem that has structure with no rhymes, but for many people outside of the poetry world, it’s often better to go the old-fashioned route. A lot of people prefer the rhyming poetry that is more reminiscent of song lyrics to the modernistic verses of today.

Of course, the rhymes are going to need to be as original as possible. People who rhyme words in a way that is very predictable might fail to make their love poems really stand out from the crowd. People who try to find the less predictable rhymes are going to create poetry that is at least a little more individualistic.

Love Poems for Inspiration


While it might not seem reasonable for people to compare themselves to the likes of Christina Rossetti, who is one of the most famous poets in all of history, her love poem, ‘I loved you first: but afterwards your love’ is actually a decent model for the type of poem that a lot of people could write today.

This poem has a few ideas in a few verses. It isn’t too long. It has structure and rhyme. Some of the rhymes are not what people would expect. Almost anyone who received a poem like this would fall in love with it right away, and that is certainly the intention.