About Allison Fletcher Mullen

Allison Fletcher Mullen

Allison Fletcher Mullen is an author that is a true romantic at heart. She has been creating romantic magic with her imagery for more than a decade. Mullen is a bit of an old-fashioned writer too. She likes to take pen in hand and create her novels based on love and relationships, instead of working via a computer. She feels this gives her a more intimate focus on her romantic ideas. Allison Fletcher Mullen has written several highly respected romance novels over her career. Most of the novels are filled with thrills, excitement, and romantic adventure. She is one woman that believes in the concept of true love and love at first sight.

Allison Fletcher Mullen is also an author for the True Romantic Magazine. She’s published several novellas and short stories too. One of her favorite authors’ is Alisa Mullen. This is a romance author that Fletcher really admires and enjoys reading her books. She is a fan of the Artificial Love Series written by this author. This is a book that absolutely captures the magic and mystery surrounding writing a good novel. The character in the book, Johnny Lennox is cleverly written and shows a man’s obsession. The book is a hot, fast, trip, and adventure. Another book written by the same author is Unsettled. She simply couldn’t put that book down. The book was well written and perfect in every way possible. The characters were well written and packed with raw emotion. Allison Fletcher Mullen states that she is very happy that she discovered this author that has inspired her to write more aromatic novels filled with obsessive love.

Allison Fletcher Mullen grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, she is living in a farmhouse in rural Connecticut with her family. Family and life take up a large portion of her time. Her husband is the perfect man. It was true love at first sight, the moment they met. They are raising two beautiful daughters that fill their life with joy.